Router trouble and increased server bandwidth


It’s been quite some time since I’ve updated, and that is in some ways ok since I’m not a person who would sit and write blog posts every day.

However, there has been some lack of updates in the photo department, which I guess really is the meaning of having this web site in the first place… So I will try and do better there in the coming months.

One thing that will make the experience nicer for you browsing the site is that our ISP has increased upload speeds from <10Mbps to <50Mbps, so you should notice some performance gains even if the server itself is quite slow.

On the other hand it seems I’ve had quite some trouble with the router recently, it will lose the port forward setting which makes the website unreachable… My excuses for that. Hopefully it will be fixed soon, either with a router FW upgrade, or I will have to reset the bloody thing (not on wish list)…

See you!